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Turn to our team in Portal for appliance repair

When you have any kind of household appliance that's in need of repairs, count on the experts here at Pro Appliance!

We're able to repair brand-name items

As you know, brand-name appliances are expensive! Whether you've invested money in a top-of-the-line fridge or an oven with a wide range of features, you want it to work as needed.

However, you don't have to despair if your high-end appliance ever requires repairs — Pro Appliance is proud to be able to say that our experts know how to fix appliances from all leading manufacturers.
New electric parts

An authorized warranty repair company

Given our abilities in the appliance repair field, Pro Appliance has been selected as an Authorized Warranty repair company. This means we may be able to fix your broken stove or washer at no cost to you.

Was your appliance purchased recently, or even sometime within the last few years? If so, it may still be covered by an extended warranty!

Please be aware of warranty exclusions

Please be aware that there are sometimes exclusions in warranty coverage. The policy terms will have been set by the manufacturer of your appliance. 
Talk to the Pro Appliance team today to learn more. We'll do our best to help you discover whether or not you're currently covered by a comprehensive warranty.
For professional appliance repair, call (912) 764-4654!
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